Why There is Resistance to a What’s Going Well Mindset, and How It’s Wrong

Why There is Resistance to a What’s Going Well Mindset, and How It’s Wrong

Since we only have the capacity to focus on a fraction of what we encounter, our brains are constantly filtering what gets our attention. In this filtering process, our brains are easily distracted because we are wired to pay attention to any new stimulus, especially if we perceive it to be a threat to our survival. This filtering causes us to have what psychologists call a negativity bias.

How to Use 'What’s Going Well' to Enhance Company Culture

How to Use 'What’s Going Well' to Enhance Company Culture

When teams or entire organizations implode, it’s rarely due to poor business strategy or a lack of skill from higher-ups or employees. More often, the breakdown is caused by a lack of gratitude and appreciation throughout the organization’s culture.

4 Reasons "Fake It 'Til You Make It" Is a Bad Idea for Leaders

It is true that in some instances "fake it 'til you make it" makes sense but most of the time this is a losing strategy for a leader. Fake leaders can be found everywhere and are easy to identify. They give us an uneasy feeling that they shouldn't be trusted. Fake leaders end up losing respect, struggling to gain trust, and failing to create meaningful, lasting relationships.

7 Key Ideas for a Leader-Coach

The first thing to know about leadership is that good leaders are great coaches. Being a good coach is a challenging, long-term duty but it's one of the most rewarding things you can do. After all, what's better than helping others reach their potential for the benefit of the entire team?

7 Steps to Stronger Communication

Strong communication is the foundation upon which all lasting relationships are built. In the workplace, strong communication leads to more engaged employees, decreased turnover rate, and improved overall performance. But if all these benefits sound great, then why is modern communication so difficult?

7 Tips for Learning as a Leader

As a child, my grandfather encouraged me to learn something new every single day, even if I didn't think it would help me immediately. He also taught me that a continuous curiosity about the world around me was far more important than achieving a high grade or winning someone else's approval. As a result, I'm fiercely passionate about the power of learning both in my own life, and in the lessons I teach others.

Make a Plan for the 16th Minute

Now that the hype has died down, the Olympics (and Paralympics) seem like a distant memory. Imagine making the medal podium and a few weeks later hardly anyone remembers your name. Was the 15 minutes of fame worth it? Most Olympians have trained from a very young age to reach that pinnacle in their sport — talk about Watering The Bamboo!

Are meetings getting in the way of work?

We’ve all been there: Soul sucking meetings with little direction, no clear champion, and no decisions. Brainstorming sessions that result in great ideas but no real deliverables. The "quick chat" that turns into hours. As a leader you must change the way meetings are conducted in your organization, knowing full well that they are a necessary component of communications in today’s environment.

Manage Your Anger or It Will Manage You

An executive recently asked me, “Do you ever get angry?” I believe the question she really wanted answered is, “How do you manage your anger or frustration?” Even though sometimes I feel like an alien, frustration and anger are a “normal” reaction for human beings. I have never been one to be over the top with rage, but I have had my moments.

Laugh More in 2016

In speaking engagements I use humor to inspire and engage my audiences. (Little known fact, I have performed stand-up comedy shows.) However, lately I have noticed there are days I am not laughing enough. Research shows kids laugh up to 415 times a day while adults laugh only 15 times. This year one of my goals is to laugh more. Besides, why should the kids have all the fun?

Manage Your Own Punch Bowl

Being a leader requires emotional energy. There are lots of demands on your time and energy. I was recently leading a seminar with a group of upcoming leaders and I was asked, "How can I stay positive in such a demanding world as a leader with the complexity of all my roles?" I responded that it’s up to you to fill your punch bowl. Every day I think about what activities I will engage in that will fill my punch bowl.

Advice to Your Younger Self

My youngest daughter just turned 11. This momentous event got me thinking about what advice I would give the 11 year old me. I then started asking a lot of friends, colleagues, and random people this: Given all that you know now, and what the 11 year old you was dealing with, what advice would you give yourself?