Greg Bell Leadership Books


Motivational author and speaker, Greg Bell, analogizes the miraculous growth of bamboo, and processes used by bamboo farmers, as the core concept in his Water The Bamboo® leadership book that focuses on achieving phenomenal improvement in both personal and professional life. Learn strategies and techniques that help you attain breakthrough results and reach your maximum ability.

From a natural phenomenon to a creative philosophy and foundation for personal and organizational growth, Giant Timber Bamboo is a very interesting plant. Bamboo farmers must water bamboo seeds for three full years, and they expect to see no growth. Still, they continue watering the bamboo. But once it reaches the surface it grows 90 feet in 60 days. People, and organizations, work in a similar fashion.

Greg has meticulously studied successful people and teams to discover key factors that return unbelievable achievement. For 15+ years, he has passionately perfected methods that help individuals and organizations achieve their maximum potential and obtain incredible results at every level. With Bell’s Water The Bamboo leadership development books, you and your team learn how to keep watering your bamboo (whatever your bamboo may be!) and reach your maximum potential.

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