Using 'What’s Going Well' to Boost Peak Performance

Using 'What’s Going Well' to Boost Peak Performance

Changing our focus to What’s Going Well and rejecting negativity isn’t just about making us happier (though that’s a nice side-effect, too!). When we practice it regularly, it extends far beyond day-to-day joy and becomes a part of who we are. Eventually, we don’t have to work to practice it anymore. It comes to us naturally.

Leadership Lessons from the Greatest Hitter of All Time

Now that your NCAA Final Four Bracket is busted – thank you University of Maryland, Baltimore County Retrievers! – we can start talking baseball. You don’t have to be a baseball fan to appreciate the lessons that can be found in baseball. I was not much of a baseball player growing up, but I did make the thirteen-year-old "All Star" Babe Ruth team (I didn’t make it because of skill – there were barely enough 13-year olds in my region to field a team).

7 Key Ideas for a Leader-Coach

The first thing to know about leadership is that good leaders are great coaches. Being a good coach is a challenging, long-term duty but it's one of the most rewarding things you can do. After all, what's better than helping others reach their potential for the benefit of the entire team?