The Battle of the Books: Which One Wins?

This year I have noticed an interesting pattern. When clients request a keynote presentation, I ask which speech they want me to deliver--one focused on Water The Bamboo, Unleashing the Potential of Teams and Individuals or What’s Going Well? The Question that Changes Everything?

It’s been about a 50–50 split.

I developed a keynote and a half day workshop around the What’s Going Well mindset. Below is a short video that gives you a flavor of the new book and keynote.

Watch the What's Going Well Video

And if you are not familiar with the Water The Bamboo keynote and workshop here is a video to help you gain an understanding.

Using 'What’s Going Well' to Battle the Spread of Negativity

Using 'What’s Going Well' to Battle the Spread of Negativity

Humanity on the whole has never been better off than we are now. The world is safer, we live longer, we are healthier, and many people are wealthier.

But as humans, our brains are naturally wired to cynicism. We’re more likely to focus on the negatives of a situation and not even notice the positives.

Mind Your Own Bamboo

When a person or a team sets a goal to do something extraordinary (aka your Bamboo Dream), whether that goal is to go to the moon, win a gold medal, or change an entire industry, critics, killjoys, and naysayers come out of the woodwork saying things such as: You are crazy. That will never work. Why are you wasting your time? What makes you think you are so special?