The Most Important Job for a Leader

In these tumultuous times, having enough energy to manage it all is extremely difficult, especially if you are a leader. 

The three challenges leaders have and must manage are time, money and energy. These resources are the classic three-legged stool problem. If one leg gets broken, the stool will fall over. There are lots of tools available to help with time management and money management but rarely do people think or talk about energy management. 

What is energy? The dictionary defines energy as “the strength and vitality required for sustained physical or mental activity.” In other words, life is energy! 

To be an effective leader, you must do things to increase your energy and protect it. After all, we are the sum of what we eat, what we read, and who we spend time with. The many decisions we make throughout the day impact our energy positively or negatively—and give us strength or drain us of the energy we have. How are you managing your energy level? 

7 ways to manage your energy more effectively: 

  1. Do an energy assessment. Take inventory—ask what gives me energy, and what takes it away?

  2. Do your best to avoid negaholics and refrain from gossip.

  3. Get adequate sleep and rest.

  4. Drink plenty of water and eat a healthy diet loaded with fruits and vegetables.

  5. Watch your overs and excesses. There is a point where too much of anything is detrimental to you—e.g. too much screen time

  6. Identify and eliminate any energy-draining activities.

  7. Feed your mind. Read good books, watch TedTalks, or have a conversation with someone who inspires you.