The 6 Knows of Leadership

There are a lot of leadership theories, and I have researched and studied many of them.

Photo by Joe deSousa on Flickr.

Photo by Joe deSousa on Flickr.

The leaders I have met and admire know these 6 principles:

1. Know yourself.

In order to be authentic, leaders must be clear about their values, vision, and goals. For leaders to be effective they must also know their strengths and weaknesses and have a game plan to be more effective.

2. Know your people.

A great leader must understand the strengths and weaknesses, and the values and interests of their people. Take the time to learn what motivates your team members.

3. Know how to tell a great story.

You don't have to be charismatic, but being able to tell a story that moves your team to a desired future state is imperative to success.

Leaders inspire others to do more, dream more, and become more.

4. Know when and how to say no.

There are only so many hours in the day and saying NO is critical to getting the most important things done.  Leaders that find themselves saying yes to everything will find themselves overwhelmed and ineffective.

5. Know and admit when you are wrong.

Even though it might be hard or you may feel vulnerable admitting a mistake, in the long run it is easier than denying it. Leaders that can do this effectively gain more loyalty from their teams.

Great leaders are humble enough to admit mistakes.

6. Know when and how to celebrate.

Instead of moving on to the next project, great leaders pause and acknowledge significant accomplishments before diving in to the next project.

What do you think you need to know to be a better leader?