Action While Angry is a Sure Way to Fail

Where does your brain go when you are angry? I think it goes somewhere in the laundry with that lost sock that somehow escapes between the washer, dryer and the hamper.

Photo by  Luis Marina  on Flickr.

Photo by Luis Marina on Flickr.

We have all been triggered into anger or witnessed a seemingly rational person become triggered by something. A study by the Hormones and Behavior journal found that anger “provokes profound changes in the state of mind of the subjects (‘they felt angered and had a more negative state of mind’) and in different psychobiological parameters. There is an increase in heart rate, arterial tension and testosterone...”

All instances where I have taken action while my brain has been hijacked by anger are regrettable. Over the years, I have been able to catch myself a bit sooner. By all means I am not an expert yet, but with some awareness and deep breathing I am able to level myself and calm down.

5 Ideas That Might Help Control Anger

  1. Recognize your anger, and admit that you are upset. It is a normal human response—there’s no need to deny it. If you hold back a sneeze, it’s going to come out strange.

  2. Write. Get your journal or a pad of paper and write it out.

  3. Do something physical. Take a brisk walk, dance, throw some jabs at a punching bag, do jumping jacks, etc.

  4. Let out a primal scream (wouldn't it be great to have a "scream room"?)

  5. Talk to a trusted member of your Bamboo Circle who will not add fuel to the fire.

What do you do to quell your anger?