Once You Break Things Down, Nothing is as Difficult as You Might Think

Having a big dream or vision can be overwhelming at the start, but you only have to water one bucket at a time. Remember: it’s water the bamboo, not drown the bamboo.


For instance, when I set out to write my book, it was a bit overwhelming to think about all of the aspects of writing and publishing. Since I had never written a book before, it was both intimidating and confusing. However, with my wife’s help and plenty of research, I created a plan that broke down the process into manageable chunks. Once I broke things down, the process became less daunting. That is not to say there weren’t challenges, but having a plan broken down into manageable tasks gave me clarity and direction each week. 

Questions you should ask when a project or task seems overwhelming:

  1. What's the most important part of the project or task?

  2. What are my strengths with respect to the project or task?

  3. What are my weaknesses, or with what areas will I need help?

  4. Who can help me?

  5. What is a reasonable timeline?

  6. What resources will I need?

What projects are you challenged by that need to be broken down?