Where Do You Plant Your Bamboo Seed?

I was recently asked by an attendee where you should plant your bamboo (dream). I quickly responded, “Plant it in your mind.”

I believe the human mind is one of the most powerful “computer-like” instruments in the world. The group seemed very satisfied with my response, but on the way home from the seminar I thought a better answer might be: plant your bamboo (dream) in your heart where enthusiasm and passion live. If your bamboo is deeply rooted in your heart, you will have the passion and the enthusiasm to see it through even when times are tough. 

On the journey of success, it seems that the people who are able to get through the rough patches and the setbacks are the ones who ultimately succeed. The human mind can be fickle, but a dream buried deep in one’s heart can be tenacious.

Read chapter 2, Create a Vivid Vision, in Water The Bamboo®: Unleashing The Potential Of Teams And Individuals. to learn more about establishing your values to allow your bamboo seeds to grow.