Change Happens

You have either just gone through change, are going through change now, or are about to go through change. With the pace of technology and information, even change has changed. Since change is the only constant, we must learn to embrace it. Are you and your team flexible enough?

Like the bamboo plant itself, you must be strong and flexible to have success. Understanding the five stages of change (below), can give you and your team valuable insight and help you adapt.

1. Commitment or acceptance.

You’ve just encountered change. Whether you’re fully committed or just starting to accept the change at this stage, resistance is usually at its peak.

2. Pain or discomfort.

This is where people often go back to the old behavior because it’s more comfortable. You may feel at your worst at this stage. Be patient, do things to release your stress, and breathe. Know that this stage will end, too.

3. Power.

You don’t need much external support and you can begin to identify with the “new” way. You’re self-motivated with the change. Acknowledge yourself for having come this far.

4. Harmony.

You’re fully in tune with the change. You feel as if “it has always been this way.” You’re ready for what’s next.

5. What’s next?

Since change is inevitable, you have to be ready for the next change so that you’re not surprised when it happens. Stay in harmony and be ready to make or accept the next change.

To learn more about thriving with change within your company or organization, read chapter 20, Change Happens, in Water The Bamboo®: Unleashing The Potential Of Teams And Individuals.