What If?

The theme of TEDxPortland this year was “What If?” There were many fabulous and engaging speakers, but the one that had my full attention was former NBA star Brian Grant


Many years ago, I had heard rumors about charitable work he had done during the peak of his NBA career. The reason they were just rumors is because he did all of this charitable work without media coverage or the “look at me” attitude that so often goes hand in hand with celebrity charitable work. He would actually sneak into hospitals and visit with terminally ill kids and their families to give them a bit of support and hope. 

His TEDxPortland presentation was moving and inspiring; I am not sure there was a dry eye in the room. I visited with him briefly after he came off stage, and it is clear that Brian Grant is a big man with an even bigger heart. Be sure to take some time to watch his talk; I am sure you will be moved like me and the 1,000 folks at TEDxPortland.

Top 10 "What If's" You Should Consider Contemplating

What if...

  1. You treated your ideas like a baby?

  2. You believed you were a miracle?

  3. You believed in others?

  4. You were more optimistic?

  5. You showed up every day like it was your first?

  6. You never interrupted?

  7. You never let negativity get to you?

  8. You did not let your past dictate your future?

  9. You learned to be content with who you are?

  10. You were more courageous?

What are some "What If's" you have been thinking about lately?