Be More Innovative—Use the "IMAC Method"

The digital age has brought intense disruption and competition to every industry and every profession out there. So, understandably, organizations and teams must be more creative and innovative in order to simply survive… let alone thrive. Over the years, I've had the privilege of working with numerous organizations and leadership teams on ways to increase their innovation and speed to market with their products and services.

Moshe Brakha/AP

Moshe Brakha/AP

Even though Apple® has had a few struggles as of late, I still find myself on my iPhone and iPad as much as the next person. Soon after Steve Jobs passed away in 2011, I was inspired to create a method to help people understand how to be more innovative and creative. In honor of Mr. Jobs and his body of work, I called it the "IMAC Method." This simple method is designed to give you confidence and get your innovative juices flowing.

Innovate or Disintegrate

IIdentify the challenge you want to solve in an innovative way. Be sure to ask yourself why you want to focus on this issue or challenge and what will be solved.

M – Find Mentors who have already solved the issue (or who are close to solving it) and Models that have been used. Identify trends, and merge old ideas with new—there's no reason to reinvent the wheel. When looking for mentors and models, look outside of your industry; they will often have a different perspective from your own.

When looking for models and mentors, look outside of your industry for a different perspective.

AApply the best ideas and strategies from the models and mentors you study, and add these to your own model.

CCoach and train your team to implement these innovative ideas and strategies.

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