7 Ways to Get the FUD Out of Here!

What is FUD? Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt. People and organizations ruled by FUD never find success. A warrior fights for peace but the biggest, most persistent battlefield is within us.

Photo by Patrik Jones on Flickr.

Photo by Patrik Jones on Flickr.

FUD wreaks havoc on well-intended people and organizations. Ask yourself, "When is the last time I did anything remarkable while experiencing FUD?" There are many reasons people and teams become risk adverse or lose their way, but I have found that Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt are the real show stoppers.

Here are 7 sure fire cures for FUD:

1. Establish your values.

Start with establishing your personal and team values. Values help you determine how you treat yourself and each other; they are what you are rooted in.

2. Create a viable vivid vision.

Create a Vivid Viable Vision for yourself and your team. A strong picture of your future state helps you stay on track. A person or team that is clear about where they are going is rarely interrupted by FUD. What do we want it to look like?  Feel like? And be like?

3. Act as if.

Act as if your vision is already true.

Act as if your vision is already true.

4. Live and work with purpose and intention.

A great formula to live by is: Intention x Attention = Manifestation. Having intention without giving your vision attention will lead to nothing but frustration.

5. Take action.

Take massive action to build momentum towards your vision and goals.

6. Go on a media diet.

Limit your consumption of negativity.

Limit your consumption of negativity.

7. Revisit your values and vision.

Revisit your values and vision frequently to stay reminded and on track.

Everything you love and care about needs maintenance.

What are some strategies you use to cure your FUD?