Happy March Forth! (No, that isn't a typo.)

As many of you know, March Forth is a day I celebrate in honor of my late brother John. The holiday is meant to remind us to celebrate life and find things that help us move forward. I learned a long time ago that no matter who you are, life will throw you heart-crushing blows but we must keep Marching Forth.

Happy March Forth!

Happy March Forth!

Here are 5 keys to Marching Forth:

1. Remember that peace is inevitable—seek to have it while you are living. (Tweet This)
2. Ask yourself: what would grace look like in every situation? (Tweet This)
3. Believe in instant forgiveness for yourself and others. (Tweet This)
4. It is impossible to win alone, so be sure to surround yourself with good people. (Tweet This)
5. Savor the good in life no matter how small. (Tweet This)

What helps you March Forth?

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