5 Life Lessons from a True Bamboo Farmer

My late grandfather once told me that if I was going to seek advice from someone who has been where I'm headed, to make sure I only ask people who have a smile on their face. This advice has led me to ask older men and women that are smiling or radiant – what's the secret to life?

Only seek advice from someone with a smile on their face.

The other day while in the lobby of a doctor's office, a gentleman walked in – he was so illuminating I stopped reading my book. He had such a radiant glow about him. I built up the courage to ask him, and as soon as we made eye contact I blurted out, "Hi, what's the secret to life?" He paused and said, "I have five tenets I live by." He waited as I scrambled for my pen. From memory, these are the five things he recited and I have found them to be profound and insightful and I hope you do too. (I later found out his name was Robert Olson. Thanks Mr. Olson, for sharing your insight.)

1. I love myself unconditionally. I am especially happy to be me. (Tweet This)

2. I never devalue myself through destructive self-criticism. If I have a challenging situation, I ask what did I learn from the experience.

3. I have genuine warm regards for all people at all times. (Tweet This)

4. I think, speak, and act with enthusiasm 100% of the time.

5. I am completely self-determined and allow others the very same right, especially my wife. (He has been married 61 years!)

Can you live by these tenets?

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