"Greg Bell was one of the best keynote speakers SMPS has ever had at our national conference. Not only did he keep our full attention with meaningful stories, he gave us specific takeaways that were easy to implement. We continue to receive rave reviews from his keynote session as well as the breakout session he led afterwards. Water The Bamboo is a life concept; thanks so much for sharing it!"

— Beth Harris, Conference Co-chair, Society for Marketing Professional Services


Motivational Speaking

If you’re looking for a leading motivational speaker for corporate events that will ignite transformation and inspire remarkable growth in your organization, you’ve come to the right place. A voracious appetite for learning, an intuitive knack for solving problems, and the ability to drive cultural change combine to make Greg Bell one of the most in-demand motivational leadership speakers in the country. 

As a business motivational speaker and thought-leader in corporate development over the last decade, Greg understands what matters in an organization. Using this insight to create programs that are customized to each audience’s needs and goals, he excels at motivating people to realize personal and professional greatness, and energizing organizations to reinvent their culture and optimize productivity. Widely recognized as a true visionary in the field of corporate leadership, Greg helps organizations focus on what is truly attainable, while challenging individuals to believe in their potential and strive for peak performance. The tens of thousands of attendees who’ve heard Greg speak say they walk away not only inspired and reinvigorated, but also armed with the actionable tools, knowledge, and encouragement they need to overcome challenges and build a solid foundation for success. 

The keynote speaker you hire is every bit as vital to your event’s success as the venue, theme and setup. As a dynamic motivational speaker, Greg excels at tailoring his Keynote and/or breakout seminar for your audience. His keen insight and fresh perspective transforms the mindset of his audience, challenges them to believe in their full potential, and provides actionable tools that allow their professional development and personal growth to flourish.


In a fast-paced and ever-changing workplace, we’re all concerned with how to achieve peak levels of performance on an ongoing basis. The solution lies in the power of commitment.

Unwavering commitment to a clear vision, values and goals enables an organization to harness the speed of change to a competitive advantage. When individuals feel driven and invested in the success of the team, the company and themselves, they’re more creative, focused and motivated to perform at their full potential. Greg helps organizations unleash a level of commitment that generates an excitement and an energy that becomes contagious, fuels peak performance, and drives extraordinary results. 


Throughout time, people have searched for the precise blend of ingredients that create transformational leadership. While the list is varied, there is one leadership characteristic that impacts and strengthens all others: Courage. Great leaders are willing to swim against the stream. They don’t wait for fear to subside; they’re resilient and confront it head on. 

Everyone has the capacity to be courageous. Through powerful stories and eye-opening anecdotes only he can deliver, when you choose Greg Bell as your leadership keynote speaker, you’ll learn how to unleash your own tenacity and cultivate the bravery and leadership potential of those around you.


In today’s turbulent marketplace, the ability and willingness to adjust and adapt is a distinct competitive advantage. But, even the most successful businesses don’t like change. It’s hard. It’s scary. Most often it’s not the change itself that’s causing our angst, but rather our fear of changing a winning strategy or tactic. 

Change doesn’t have to be the enemy. Having a trusted partner leading change management in your organization can alleviate much of the stress caused by growth and change. Having the courage to do things you’ve never done will enable you to embrace change and the opportunity, innovation and growth it inspires. Sharing his expert insights and real-world stories, Greg will help you and your organization unearth the courage and resilience to face the fear of change head on.


Teams are the foundation of organizational life. Yet any leader knows that building and leading high-performing teams is one of today’s most complex challenges.

The pinnacle of teamwork is creating a solution that no one individual could create on their own. This is achieved when team members embrace diversity of opinion, work together to identify and solve problems, and are committed to a common vision, goals, and metrics. A strong team-building plan is critical for growing organizations. Giving organizations an under-the-hood look at the characteristics of high performing teams, Greg explores how to build and nurture teams that consistently perform better, innovate more, and achieve collaborative success. 


Throughout Greg’s years as an innovation keynote speaker, he’s noticed one inhibiting factor that stands out among the rest: while innovation is vital to shaping the future, potential breakthrough ideas often struggle to survive. Why? Because innovation introduces change. That’s right. Resistance, not a lack of creative ideas, is the most powerful lens for viewing an organization’s innovation mindset. Too often entrenched systems and bias thinking of "That’s not the way we do it around here" stifles innovation in its tracks.

Innovation isn’t a person or a process. It’s a culture of curiosity that must be integrated into everything you do. It needs to be everyone’s job, all the time. Greg encourages you to open your mind and ask yourself “what if?” This mind shift breaks the bias that inhibits innovation, and fosters an environment in which creativity flourishes and ideas are turned into action.