I’m delighted to be partnering with you for your upcoming event. Thank you again for putting your trust in me and my team — you won’t be disappointed!


Materials available for download

Help Greg and his team prepare a great program for your event by using the tools provided below. To download a file to your desktop, right-click on the file name or image thumbnail and choose "Save Link As..." from the menu.

Pre-Program Questionnaire (PPQ)

Help Greg tailor his message to fit the needs of your group by completing our Pre-Program Questionnaire (PPQ). The purpose of this questionnaire is to increase the value and effectiveness of the program for the attendees.

Room + AV Setup

Appropriate room setup can make a big difference in your event’s success. Using these suggestions will contribute to participants’ enjoyment and engagement. Please print these instructions and provide to your onside IT/AV team so they can set up accordingly. If you have any questions or special needs, please call Claire toll free at 877-833-3552 and she will be happy to assist you personally.


The introduction plays an important role in the success of your event. When done properly, the introduction not only establishes credibility but sets the tone for Greg’s upbeat presentation style as well as plants seeds for stories and content that Greg shares during his presentation. Please download and use this introduction as provided.

Book Sponsorship

Partner with a sponsor to send your attendees off with a book! A conference sponsor can offset your investment and connect them in a positive way to the conference keynote and Greg's book.

Gifts for Your Audience

  • Books

  • Water The Bamboo Vases


Photos of Greg

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