Exclusive & Customized

The Water The Bamboo Leadership Development System combines Greg Bell's 15 years of corporate development and leadership training experience with a comprehensive leadership curriculum and is customized for either your seasoned leaders or high-potentials.

Our leadership training courses include the following exclusive content:

Quarterly live seminars

Led by Greg Bell at your organization.

The four seminars will teach your organization's future leaders how to plant leadership values, cultivate relationships, spread their roots, and adapt and thrive as seasoned leaders.

Leadership workbook + binder

100+ full-color page workbook plus binder for leadership coursework.

This exclusive personal development workbook features content and exercises that will keep your high-potential employees engaged and focused.

Water The Bamboo® book

Unleashing The Potential Of Teams And Individuals

Greg’s groundbreaking book offers a refreshing and compelling philosophy for personal and professional growth for aspiring leaders.

Access to the member's only website

40+ HD videos and audio to accompany the workbook.

The online professional development component features guided content for each chapter of Water The Bamboo, so participants can continue their growth no matter where they are.

Ongoing peer-to-peer learning

Leadership doesn’t happen in a vacuum.

Participants connect regularly with their Watering Partners and others in their Bamboo Circle to brainstorm, strategize, and help each other be accountable throughout their development.

Exclusive bonus materials

Extra content to keep your team motivated.

Additional materials to keep your next-gen leaders continuously engaged and sustain their progress.